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This site does not collect any information about our visitors beyond the normal traffic information that's part of all standard website logs.

We do not request or collect any identifying information from our visitors such as email addresses or other personal information.

We do not set any "cookies" on visitor's computers.

We do not share any information about our visitors with anyone.

For the current full contact information for this site, including email contact address, phone number, and mail address, please go to the following website registration site and enter our domain name into the "WHOIS Lookup" text box:  WHOIS Lookup.

This website is not responsible for any actions taking place outside of this website's domain. We can only know and control what our own site does.

Links to other sites:

If visitors click on links on this site that lead to other sites, especially commercial sites, some of those sites may generate cookies on the visitor's computers. Such cookies are used to identify this site as the source of the visitor to the commercial site. They may also possibly be used by the destination site for other purposes such as remembering any settings visitors may make while there, to enhance the shopping experience or for similar reasons.

NOTE: It is possible to block the setting of cookies on your computer, or to erase those already set. How to do that varies with the web browser you're using. The best method of finding how to do those things is to do a web-search (using your favorite search engine) for the phrase "block cookies Internet Explorer" (without the quotes, and subsituting the name of your browser software if it's not IE).

Please understand that cookies do not normally "identify" the visitor at all. A cookie is a small file of characters that is stored onto your computer by a website, that tells the website that your computer has been used to visit them before. It says nothing about the owner of the computer, and has many uses in enhancing the web-browsing experience. That's why support for cookies is built into all web major browsers.

Blocking or erasing cookies in your browser may eliminate many useful functions on the vendor's site, such as tracking orders, being able to return to that site in the same location you last visited, having your viewing preference and other settings remembered, etc. Other functions of the site may depend on cookies and not operate at all if they are blocked or deleted.

To view the privacy policies of websites you may be directed to from this site, we recommend that you visit those sites and view their privacy policies. A link to their privacy policies is normally shown on their main web page.

At this time the only advertiser(s) you may be directed to from this site are:

Their privacy policy can be found at:

They can be contacted at 1-800-216-1965

If you feel this site is not following its stated privacy policy, you may contact us directly, or your state or local consumer protection offices.

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