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Click here for a larger image and ordering info

This is the Eagle Intellimap Model 502C iGPS Chartplotter with Color Screen

It's an excellent example of a full-featured Marine GPS unit, including the peace-of-mind "Man Overboard" button that aids in recovering a passenger or crewmember who falls overboard, by "marking the spot" in the ocean and directing you back towards it.

This unit has a very bright sun-viewable 5" diagonal screen, with 256 colors and 320 X 240 resolution.

It's fully feature-packed, with a built-in 12-channel GPS plus WAAS antenna, so no additional antenna or cabling is needed -- saving you money.

It also has a built-in coastline map, covering the continental U.S. and Hawaii, standard -- another money-saving feature!

The feature list for this goes on and on! To see the complete list of specifications, and user reviews, click below:

NOTE: The vendor offers Free Shipping, and THEY pay the Sales Tax!

Click Here for the full details and current Web price

Murex Ramosus Seashell


Sand Dollar

Pearl Nautilus Seashell -- Split

Jungle Starfish

Lambis Chiragra Spider Conch Seashell

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